Posted by: secretperson | July 10, 2008

Government Think We Are Children

and primary school children at that.

Following on from Gordon Brown telling us to eat up our meals because children are starving in Africa, there is a White Paper launched by Hazel Blears suggesting voters are rewarded with stickers saying “I voted”!

Well one way to increase participation in local elections, Ms Blears, would be to actually give councils more power. That means not introducing planning bills which discount local decision makers and instead give all the power to Whitehall and Westminster, for example. People will vote when they see it makes a difference not because you’ve entered them in a raffle.

What next? Gold stars for taking public transport? A free lollipop (sugar free of course) for filling in our council tax forms correctly? Kids grow out of bribes like this when they get to secondary school, when will the government start treating us like the adults we are.


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