Posted by: secretperson | May 7, 2010

Lib Dem Collapse – Union not PR could be issue

I previously predicted PR would be the major issue given the Lib Dem gains and a possible hung parliament. But now it looks like the differences between England, Scotland and Wales could be vastly different, in particular between a Tory-free Scotland and the rest.

Could UK national tension be the big story?



  1. There is no reason why you cant have devolution like we have in Edinburgh.
    It works well up here and we have a different voting system which works very well
    As a Scot first and British second I see no reason why you should not be English first ,my son in law who lives up here and runs a very successful business and is proud of his English heritage
    We are not all nutters from Brigadoon

  2. Absolutely, I am a member of the Campaign for an English Parliament because I agree with you! Unfortunately we don’t have any politicians who have made that an option. With the Tories in charge on a largely English mandate that could change. Or Labour in charge in England with no English mandate.

    I never thought you were nutters from Brigadoon. Apart from Gordon Brown. He is a nutter.

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