Posted by: secretperson | May 4, 2010

Lisbon Treaty – Dave’s Big Chance?

Rumour has it the EU may be asking for a re-ratification of the Lisbon treaty. Cameron told us he would have had a Lisbon referendum, but couldn’t as it wasn’t ratified. This could be his chance. I doubt he really wants to, given some of our neighbours might be upset (although they have bigger worries), but this could be the commitment that wins the election.

If the front pages tomorrow all stated Conservatives commit to EU referendum, it’d put Labour and the Lib Dems who reneged on similar commitments on the back foot. It’d be one of the few things to get out all the real Conservatives who’ve been disenfranchised by Dave’s ‘progressive’ nonsense. It could be just enough to push that extra percent or so needed to win a majority.


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