Posted by: secretperson | July 11, 2008

Huge Win for Davis – and Eng Dems do Well Too

David Davis won his ‘civil liberties’ by-election easily, with a majority of 15,355. This is 72% of the vote and an increase on the previous majority of about 10,000. However, his total vote was down slightly as turn out dropped from 70% in the previous general election to 34%.

34% though, is not a bad turn out for what was always going to be a one horse race. No Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates stood. The potentially close Crewe and Nantwich by-election only got 58%. It should be enough to send a message, hopefully, to Gordon Brown and co. that the public won’t always support the ‘tough on terror’ line against civil liberties. It is easy to make the case against ‘terrorists’, but when someone stands up and argues well for civil liberties, the argument can be won. I know this whole debate has made me think about my opinions.

Also good news, in my opinion, to see the English Democrats retain their deposit, finishing third with 7.17% just behind the Greens 7.35%. Congratulations to Joanne Robinson. Let us hope some analyst picks up on this and realises there is an English Parliament vote out there. In Henley the EDs finished behind the Monster Raving Loonies, and only just above them in C&N. So I guess this is a good result.

Presumably Conservatives, who we know outside of the shadow cabinet have some sympathy for the English cause, voted with Davis. Despite the turnout of a half, Ms Robinson got more votes than UKIP and the BNP (neither of whom stood) combined in 2005, which means votes must have been coming from Labour and the Lib Dems. Let us hope these parties wake up to the issue too!



  1. The English Democrats have only themselves to blame.
    They are perceived as too single an issue. Strip that away they are just another bland lib bunch barely distinguishable from the big three.
    They have no ideas, no real activism and although as a passionate English Nationalist I wish them well I can only give them 2 out of ten and ‘could do a lot lot better’. I wish they would.

  2. Yeah, I think any success raises the profile of the English question, though I am not an English Democrat supporter (only a CEP member).

    They need to push on to the stage when they are regularly competing with the Greens, UKIP and BNP to be the fourth party, so they are a believable choice in PR elections.

    Having said that John Redwood has been complaining about them splitting the Eurosceptic vote in Haltemprice(!) link

    Let us hope it encourages the Tories to come up with something better than Ken Clarke’s mess.

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