Posted by: secretperson | September 2, 2008

Britons Scared to ‘Have-a-Go’ at Criminals

A report from the Reform think tank observes that people in Briton are the least likely to interfere if they see a crime being committed. People expect everything to be done by the police, who make up part of the world’s most expensive justice system, according to the study. It called for offender databases online (I suppose there is nothing to lose on a CD if it is publically available anyway).

The reason people don’t get involved is two-fold I believe. One, the high prevelence of knife crime, and media reports about it. Two, the belief that target driven police are more likely to arrest the easy target of a ‘have-a-go hero’ than a group of trouble making kids. There have been many reports of both these events in the past, and no-one wants to end up stabbed or prosecuted or both.

Minister’s defended the government’s record saying “we are already implementing many of the measures the report suggests to ensure justice is done – and seen to be done – on a local level”. I hope this is true, localism is the answer. Local policing when the cops know the area and its residents would allow trouble makers to be targetted. It would allow police to build relationships with parents who might otherwise be on the defensive if their children are criticised. And it would enable more co-operation, so people feel the police are on their side, and are therefore more likely to step in.


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