Posted by: secretperson | April 29, 2010

Leaders’ Debate Thoughts

The polls are saying Cameron wins by a few points from Clegg, Brown well down. Sounds fair to me.

Cameron did well to be positive. He did well not to rise to Brown’s tactic (taken from PMQs) of asking questions of the other leaders. When will Brown understand that the questions come from the public? Even the defence of the inheritance tax cut (which could easily have been dropped or scaled back given the recession) on grounds of aspiration painted a positive note that I think will have gone down well.

Clegg was close behind. His main problem is the ‘old parties’ line is starting to wear thin. He repeated himself on raising the tax threshold, but as I support that policy, he’s probably right to make sure its heard. Clegg finished with an appeal to vote for who you want, aware that the Lib Dems could lose if people don’t believe they could win. Steady, will not lose many new voters he’s won since week one.

Brown was terrible, as always. His presentation is just not as good as the others, but everyone is used to that now – the bizarrely timed smiles, the constant shaking of the head as others speak. But considering the economy is supposedly his strong point? All I learned was that he is obsessed with tax credits. Clegg pointed out, twice, that he only planned to remove Child Tax Credits for those earning over £50,000 (Cameron didn’t rise to the bait so much). But still Brown couldn’t adapt and kept banging on about Child Tax Credits. It’s not just presentation, it’s also the issues that are an, ummm, issue.

As I predicted, (so did everyone else though!) no real answers on the cuts, but Brown was most evasive of all.

I think Labour are bottomed out in the polls, but certainly no revival will happen on this basis. I’d expect a few undecideds to move to the Tories, and maybe a slight drift from the LDs, depending on local issues.

One thing I am sure of though is that Brown is doomed. Even with the dodgy voting system, I think there’d be an outcry if he ended up back in number 10. Can’t wait to see the back of him next week! My postal vote goes out tomorrow.


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