Posted by: secretperson | April 28, 2010

Brown’s Attitude to Ordinary Voters Exposed

Oh dear, Gordon Brown. I’m sure you’ve all heard about ‘bigotgate’ (really another bloody gate!). It really sums up for me Gordon Brown’s attitude. Most people who have seen Gillian Duffy’s initial questioning of Brown thought he handled it well. She was happy to say to reporters that he had her vote, little did she know in his car (microphone left on) Gordon dismissed her as a ‘bigotted woman’.

It wasn’t quite the angry Gordon Brown we’d heard about. Although his first question, having had to meet a member of the public rather than a party plant, was to ask who amongst his staff was to blame! But when asked what went wrong he simply dismissed Mrs Duffy, and dismissed is really the word. She dared to question him, so in his mind she was simply some ‘bigotted woman’. For bringing up the issue of EU immigration!

It’s not the linking of questioning immigration with bigotry that really shocks, all the parties did that in the debate, but only for non-EU immigration. It’s Gordon’s whole attitude to anything other than carefully stage-managed interviews with adoring fans! The man is simply unable to cope with anyone questioning him, simply dismissing them as bigots or Tories, as though only the wrong could disagree with him.

And the sheer hypocrisy of his attitude towards Mrs Duffy before he got into the car. “You’re from a good family”, “Good to meet you”. Yeah I know all politicians have to be like that a bit in public, but I’m not sure that they’re all so nasty the moment they think they’re alone. And his apologies have been nauseating (although he has admitted a mistake!)

Can we really have a leader so threatened by a simple set of questions, so convinced of his own opinion he dismisses all that disagree? Not a recipe for good government, I think.


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