Posted by: secretperson | April 22, 2010

What Cameron Should Say on Euro-Allies

European groups are large broad coalitions and all groups have members with views which we here in Britain may find outdated, for example the ‘mainstream’ EPP we are condemned for leading includes parties who talk of the “aggressive homosexual lobby” and have election posters stating “children not Indians”.

But large groups are the way the European parliament works and we have to look at the biggest issue, what should be decided in Brussels and what should be decided in Britain. We in the Conservatives believe in a Europe of Nations. We want to trade, work and be friends with Europe, but not necessarily share a common government or a one-size-fits-all set of rules for all matters small and large.

People across Europe have proved more consistently more Eurosceptic than their politicians. But until now in the European Parliament there has only been a federalist voice. Now, for the first time we have broken away from the system of groups that only allowed more and more power to pass to Brussels, and somebody is standing up for the people of Europe who think enough is enough

We want a Britain that works with the other nations of Europe. But also with the USA, with Australia, Canada, India and our other commonwealth allies, with growing countries like Brazil and China, and with poorer countries that need our help. The only way to get this is to oppose moves towards an inevitable European superstate, and stand up for Britain as a connected but independent nation. That is what we are doing.

Large tip of the hat and sweeping bow to Daniel Hannan from whom I have taken the EPP quotes and a large amount of inspiration. Personally I’d like to see us leave the EU all together, but the Tories are better than the other two on this issue, so lets hope for a reasonable defence of their policy. And if Cameron gets stuck he can always say “if our allies are so extreme who sits with UKIP?”


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