Posted by: secretperson | April 15, 2010

The Sad Death of the Devil

I watched (on BBC Iplayer, I do have a job!) the interview with the head of the Libertarian Party, Chris Mounsey. He may be better known to you blog fans as the man behind Devil’s Kitchen, a site full of foul-mouthed libertarians railing against the system.

I have some sympathy for the libertarian cause, tempered with a conservative resistance to dramatic change, and thoroughly enjoyed the Devil’s and his co-conspirators’ rants. However they took on a sort of offensive persona which would have been shocking in a mainstream politician, like Frankie Boyle popping up to present CBBC.

And unfortunately Andrew Neil decided his entire interview would be about the small size of the Libertarian Party (well why interview them then, Andrew?) and one particular offensive post (though there was a choice of many) on the Devil’s Kitchen site. Not one mention of policy, or what a Libertarian is, or anything serious. I suppose if Chris wishes to be a political part leader this is what he must take. His performance wasn’t good but I assume he wasn’t expecting this attack. On the other hand to run a series on minor parties and spend half of it insulting them for being minor is a bit much.

Anyway, the Devil has dies, to be replaced with a new, non-sweary twin. I can only wish him luck. There will still be plenty of blogs promising hanging for our MPs (metephorically, of course) so let the Devil concentrate on raising serious issues about civil liberties and the lies of the ‘righteous’ which only give them more power for ‘our own good’.

The Devil is dead, long live the Devil!


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