Posted by: secretperson | April 13, 2010

The Conservative Manifesto – Promising

So the Tory manifesto is promising devolving powers and giving the public more say over their services. Trusting them people, a hint of libertarianism and Hannanism. Philosophically, compared to the big state Labour promises there is no question the Tories win, but do they really mean it?

I have long thought that the ‘free schools’ policy borrowed from Sweden was the most exciting Tory policy, possibly the most exciting overall. There is nothing like education to transform a society, and I think this really has the ability to improve education massively. But what else is there? Recall elections, good. Referendum based policies, good, though could go further. Elected police chiefs, undecided.

There are still problems. Referenda on keeping council tax down but not increasing it? I support low taxes but local democracy has to work both ways. The stupid ‘nudge’ policy, where they try and control us as much as Labour do, just using slightly different means. This is no doubt a step in the right direction, but how will they respond when the papers are screaming ‘something must be done’?

I won’t get excited by the Tory manifesto, but I do feel surprisingly positive. I don’t have much respect for politicians, and this may all be a ploy, but there’s at least hope that these people have good ideals hidden away. If the Conservatives take this philosophy and run with it to its logical conclusion, who knows, they may make a good government yet!

I’m certainly not won over completely. but it’d be nice to feel like I have a positive reason to vote, rather than just my dislike of Gordon Brown.


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