Posted by: secretperson | April 7, 2010

The Secret Person’s Election Endorsement… Anyone but Brown

Commentators more important than me will no doubt decide whether this becomes known as the Twitter Election or some other nonsense. But I have decided this shall be the Negative Election.

There’s always been negative campaigning in politics, and people voting against, rather than for, politicians. But will it ever have been as bad as this? The biggest thing going for David Cameron and the Conservatives is that they are not Gordon Brown, even among Conservative members. The only thing going for Brown is that David Cameron’s not at all inspiring. The Lib Dems are relying on getting the none-of-the-above vote. The smaller parties actually present the most different policies, but the votes they get will be mainly protests.

Now much as I’d love someone who I could vote for positively, I am afraid I will have to come out, in this negative spirit, against Gordon Brown. And yes that does mean David Cameron’s Tories would have to win. But better an unknown with a few decent backbenchers, and hopefully sizeable UKIP, Libertarian and English Democrat votes, to push him in the right direction on some of the issues, than five more years of the Brown stuff.

Five more years of alternating between right wing policies to undercut the Tories and left wing policies to make dividing lines with the Tories, depending on who has his ear. Five more years of every policy announced three times in advance and half scrapped before they even get going. Five more years of public spending with the emphasis on how much is spent and never on public benefit. Five more years of reorganising the departments of state every year to hand out as rewards for loyalty, with no thought for the outcome. Five more years of plotting in cabinet because no-one has the courage to challenge a man they dislike. Five more years of that stupid fake grin. Five more years of refusing to accept any responsibility for anything.

Now, you’d be completely right to ask if the Tories would be any better. I don’t know, but I fail to see how they could be any worse.


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