Posted by: secretperson | January 25, 2009

This Blog is Closing


Just before Christmas my workload increased and my blogging activity decreased. I promised more to come after Christmas, but as you can see below, my Christmas break has become more permanent.

I considered producing occasional, but longer posts, more political philosophy than news commentary, but these types take long enough in themselves. And while I attract a few readers when I update regularly, I think you need a decent base of regulars to get the readers to make it worth posting infrequently.

However, the site shall remain, not dead, but sleeping, and may be resurrected should I find more time, or an important issue comes up I feel is worth the effort. A general election might tempt me, or a referendum on Lisbon (come on David, you know you want to…).

I shall try and read and comment on blogs when I get the chance, I shall not cease entirely from mental fight, even if my sword is sleeping in my hand. Maybe one day the Secret Person will emerge again, like Alfred from Athelney, stronger than ever!

Until then, remember, there’ll always be an England.



  1. We need every Englishman we can get,
    so please,hurry back

  2. This is a bloody shame, Secret Person! Good luck to you – but I’m really disappointed!

    • who r u disapointed in?

  3. Good luck and hope to see you blogging again when you get the time.

  4. Big shame SP – but glad you’re keeping the site online.

    All the best

  5. Until the next time, take care!

  6. oh no! Now where do i find my wonderful British attitude? I love this “even if my sword is sleeping in my hand”

    will miss but totally understand…we’ll see you soon I’m sure.

  7. Sorry this site isnt being kept up. Its refreshing to see an Englishman that knows the difference between britain and England! and also to see someone who wants a parliament for england and not just devolution like the ED`s.
    Hope you can get this back on track soon.
    Alba gu Brath.

  8. Oh dear.

  9. Kinda hoped you’d be back by now, like Neil above said …

    • wut r u talking about?u hope who will be back?blog me back

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