Posted by: secretperson | November 30, 2008

Damian Green

Others have said it already very worrying; and it seems beyond Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown, everyone is unanimous that Damian Green’s arrest was heavy handed, and especially that the searching of the Commons office sets a dangerous precedent.

Smith and Brown are currently ‘not interfering’ with the independent police, and refusing to comment. When was the last time they didn’t offer an opinion, even on things well outside the remit of their power. Gordon is forever ‘calling for’ things.

There is a lot to play out on this story, but given the relative prominence given in Tory-leaning and Labour-leaning newspapers, and the comments of the politicians on various sides, I suspect it is the New Labour government who will come out of this worst.



  1. In a way, this was exactly what was needed to highlight the sheer power that is now available to the police and by default, the government of the day. What happened was an appalling attack on our democracy, but then again, so has the many laws that have been introduced by this government in the guise of anti-terror laws. Opposition parties have rarely fought the erosion of individual freedom and civil liberties, perhaps now they will.

    I earnestly hope that Cameron & co will catch a wake up and instead of seeking an exemption for members of parliament, use this opportunity to review just what the individual has lost over the last 11 years. He should then include in his manifesto an undertaking to review and if necessary, repeal any laws which are unreasonable, not necessary or impact unnecessarily on individual freedom and liberty. This is not a party political issue, it is fundamental to our democracy, the truth is, the example of Damian Green highlights just how much we have lost under this government in its obsession to increase state power through the police. We are, as I have said before, sleep-walking into a Police State, it looks like Cameron has only just realised.

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