Posted by: secretperson | November 25, 2008

Quelle Surprise – French say ‘Non’ to CAP Reform

Depsite Blair giving up part of our EU rebate in return for reform of the Common Agricultural Policy from 2013, it looks like French farmers will be guaranteed protection and therefore in effect the continuation of the CAP, before any talks take place.

Talks were planned to reduce tariffs and subsidies in the EU, allowing increased trade with the developing world’s farmers. However French president Nicolas Sarkozy, currently holding the rotating EU presidency seems set to put a stop to this.

Surely all those who sing the praises of the EU’s lack of borders and tariffs can see that the same borders are imposed at the edge of the EU, to the detriment of trade with the rest of the world. And for those who insist that we remain within the EU and work to reform it from within, maybe this will be a wake up that there are huge vested interests in the current system and reform is, if not impossible, slow and tedious.

I hold no hope for the reform of the EU into a form that would provide a net benefit to the UK (or England, the bit I really care about) and this latest, typical, story only adds to my conviction. Better Off Out!



  1. Cost of EU membership is 55 billion a year. Which could pay for tax cuts for those on low and middle-incomes – a real fiscal stimulus.

    The argument now has to be, we can’t afford EU membership!

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