Posted by: secretperson | November 19, 2008

MPs Censored – Now it’s 1984

MPs have been told they will lose part of their communications allowance if their blogs are party political or insulting to fellow MPs.

Paul Flynn, who dismissed the 1984 campaign, has described the removal of his allowance as “censorship”, particularly as it seemed to be inspired by his less than flattering descriptions of colleagues. Mr Flynn will now fund the blog himself, claiming a £250 a year cost. Maybe we should tell him it is easy to set up a free blog? He needn’t have troubled the £10,000 annual allowance MPs voted themselves last year.

Also in the Beeb article, Derek Wyatt, who didn’t even mention the 1984 campaign on his blog, complains that: “They have got it completely wrong. They don’t understand the net. They simply don’t get it. It is like 1984.” He alledgedly hosted party political videos, which have now been removed so I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Ah, so now it’s like 1984 is it?

When we complain about ID cards which mean all our most intimate details including DNA stored in one dangerously accessible database, the resulting “papers please” policing, our children’s details in a national database that MPs’ children are exempt from as it is insecure, the most CCTV per head of population in the world, the fact you can’t walk down the street in fancy dress without being stopped under the terrorism act, that a landlord can’t allow smoking in his own pub even in a sealed and ventilated area, where laws introduced to “fight terror” are used to check on school catchment areas and dog shit, where those branded terrorists include party conference protestors and the Icelandic government and school kids taking photos on trips, when we worry that the EU wants to censor blogs, that Hazel Blears thinks our views aren’t as valid as hers, when new laws have been introduced by New Labour at a rate of about 1 a day, with no seeming effect on violent crime, when every email, phone call, text and website visited is recorded, when people can be held up to 28 days with no charge and we know the government wants more… when we say any of these things and suggest we should stop moving towards 1984, we are told we are exaggerating, paranoid, even aiding terrorists.

But when one MP is told he cannot use our money to advertise his own political party, now all of a sudden it is like 1984!

Holding both those positions must surely count as doublethink.



  1. Damn good post. All this talk of 1984 tends to remind of us of the OTHER 1984. Ah, dead and gone days of Apple Macs, big hair and shoulder pads…

  2. They get money for blogs?

    What next, a breathing allowance for MPs? Well, they are full of hot air, after all…

  3. They get a £10,000 communication allowance to tell us all about parliament. But they have to spend it in a non-partisan way. It’s not just blogs, plenty of leaflets and constituency circulars have been flagged up with blatant party political statements.

    “What next, a breathing allowance for MPs?”

    With all these allowances and expenses, I do sometimes wonder what they actually do with their £60,000 salary. There can’t be anything left to pay for!

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