Posted by: secretperson | November 17, 2008

Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland would Break Up UK

A report by economic experts will claim that full fiscal autonomy for Scotland would mean the end of the United Kingdom. However some level of increased financial independence is likely, possibly assigned revenues where the block grant would be linked to the tax take in Scotland currently paid to Westminster.

There is no possible reform that will please everyone. The English believe they are subsidising Scotland (true most of the time, depending on the price of oil). The Scottish won’t accept any cut in money. The SNP want more flexibility to change taxes and borrow, which Labour won’t countenance. The Welsh are probably just annoyed they are being ignored in all these debates!

I still think the only consistent way to stop England and Scotland arguing is full independence for all the UK nations.



  1. Independence for England is the only way to go. I’m fed up of the whingeing by the Celtic nations. Let them go their own way!


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