Posted by: secretperson | November 14, 2008

Ireland to Change Referendum Law for EU

The Republic of Ireland is a lovely country. Its people are some of the best educated in the world. The economic development, although stalling with everyone else now, was for many years a miracle, helped by the EU, but also by a low tax regime and the highly educated population. The referendum clause in the constitution is one many of us in other countries respect.

But it seems that the EU, whatever financial help it may have provided Ireland in the past, is having a bad influence on the Republic’s politicians.

In the time since the Lisbon treaty was rejected in an Irish referendum, despite the Yes vote having the support of all the major political parties bar Sinn Fein, all the mainstream media and even most of the Catholic Church, there has been a search for someone to blame and for how the ‘correct’ result could be obtained in future.

The politicians are looking to change a law that both sides of referendum campaigns must get equal time in media broadcasts. Although not directly linked to the Lisbon referendum, Bruno Waterfield certainly thinks there is a link. The argument advanced, as ridiculous as the CIA conspiracy theory, is that the current law enables paedophiles to be given equal time in a child safety referendum!

I don’t think any intelligent person needs me to point out just how stupid this argument is. The Irish electorate are not stupid, and I am sure that this condescending attitude to their democratically expressed opinions can only further harden there distrust of anti-democratic EU structures, and make winning any repeat referendum even less likely.


  1. The problem, of course, is that this type of chicanery – however breathtaking – will go through because anything and everything must be done to force the Irish to adopt Lisbon. The Irish government have even enlisted the aid of tame journalists to proagandise how dreadful it is that there should be balanced coverage. And indeed the paedophile argument is a classic. It’s the War on Terror argument for the moment. But what is being opened up is moves towards essentially attacking and ridiculing the No campaign (with limited right of reply) through state radio and tv in the next referendum. Media coverage (even supposedly fair) is always open to the use of words, expression and phrases, to the use of NOT reporting issues etc which create a bias against a particular stance. A proportionailty of coverage based upon politicians’ views in the Dail is what they are angling for…it is a frontal assault on democracy and expression.

  2. The Irish people are not stupid. But the affluent Irish I know who are of the opinion that the herd were stupid and selfish. I kid you not, this is the view held by Irelands elite. They have not got the imagination to think that Ireland could prosper independently of the European Union – rather like those who lacked the imagination to see how Ireland could prosper independently of the British Empire.

    The truth is that many miss out on the wealth generated in the Celtic Tiger – and many fear that the fought-for freedom will be lost.

  3. Europe would be great, if people like you vote YES to Free Europe at

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