Posted by: secretperson | November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Prince Charles

Today is the sixtieth birthday of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales and the Secret Person wishes him well.

Though it seems outdated, the long-term nature of our constitutional monarchy seems to me to provide a good balance against the rapidly changing fashions of short-term politicians whose only care is for the next election. Though it is popular to say that the Queen does a good job (and she does) but that Charles will not, I disagree and so does the Queen.

It seems to me that Charles, both priveleged and constrained by his position, is a man with a real sense of duty. Using the power he has by virtue of his birth, and his wealth, he has done what he can to make a difference in areas that matter to him. I may not agree with him all the time, but cannot doubt his sincerity or hard work in supporting organic farming, architecture and helping the young. Though he is often outspoken, I have no doubt he is well aware that it would not be appropriate when he becomes king. The man has had his whole life to prepare, and I have no doubt he will do a good job when the time comes. Charles is also, clearly, a caring and loving father.

I wish him all the best upon his sixtieth birthday.




  2. The monarchy isn’t out-dated.

    One day soon we will be glad we’ve got it.

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