Posted by: secretperson | November 12, 2008

Gordon ‘Incoherent’ on Tax Cuts

I picked up on a Labour MP the other day describing Tory tax plans as ‘incoherent’ in more than one question answer and guessed this might be a new soundbite. Not a very catchy one so I don’t think it will catch on, especially if this quote from a Gordon Brown press conference summary, from the Labour leaning Guardian of all papers, is anything to go by:

Brown’s message was confusing. He criticised the Tory initiative as an unfunded tax cut. But at other times in his press conference he said that unfunded tax cuts were a good thing, because funded tax cuts did not increase the amount of money flowing into the economy. And he also repeated Labour claims about other Tory tax cuts being unfunded, which does not work any more as an attack point given his own commitment to unfunded tax cuts.

How can he sit there and one moment condemn unfunded tax cuts, and the next moment praise them? One moment the Tory plans are unfunded, the next too funded. Anyone would think the man didn’t have a clue about economics at all. Looks like my new ‘hypocrisy’ category will have another member!

H/T the Devil.

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