Posted by: secretperson | November 12, 2008

Database Danger

So, as predicted in many quarters, the ContactPoint children’s database will have widespread access and therefore widespread risks of compromise.

That’s the problem with these centralised databases, to be useful they must be accessible accross the country to lots of people. But the more people with access, the more risk of someone being able to get in who shouldn’t. And, if I may adopt a government arguing position, paedophiles could find out the details of vulnerable children, and who could possibly object to stopping this database to stop paedophiles?

You could have, for example, exactly the same data held by local authorities, and transferred if a child moved, in which case compromises in security would affect fewer people and could be traced more easily. I’m not sure any database is a great idea, but this would be a better option. I do wonder why the government are so set on this efficient database; are they just being stubborn or gradually building up to database us all (as will happen when you apply for a new passport or ID card) and now kids are an easy target?

(MPs’ children are exempted on security grounds, showing what trust they have in the security of the system, and what utter hypocrites they are).

And will this really help children? It seems to me that the problems are not caused by the lack of a huge central database, but by, for instance, doctors who can’t spot a broken back in an abused child. The government needs more competence, not more control.



  1. This government is completely obsessed with building a database for everything and it is worrying. If hackers can access the Pentagon, then what of they start to target a central repository of information such as Contact Point, the ID database or the new Big Brother database, it is frightening.

    One thing is for certain, this government has demonstrated no level of competence in terms of IT costs, value, security and risk. I think they are making us more vulnerable not less.

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