Posted by: secretperson | November 7, 2008

Teachers Support Creationism? Idiots

Sometimes I worry about the sort of people we are asking to teach our children. A survey has shown that 31% of teachers and 18% of science teachers think creationism or intelligent design should be given the same status as evolution in the classroom.

Fair enough, if a child raises it, explain why it is unscientific and just plain wrong. Give it equal status? Crazy. This isn’t Kansas for God’s sake (pun intended). I guess they don’t want to ’cause offence’ (that most evil of crimes against humanity) in religious pupils.

But what is the point of trying to teach children if you must give equal weight to the views they already hold so you don’t alienate them? You may as well not have a curriculum to teach at all. Next thing you know they’ll be dumbind down exams so everyone can pass and thick kids don’t feel alienated (hang on…). If they allow creationism, where does it all stop? Next it could be holocaust denial (obviously evil in white kids, but Muslims? wouldn’t want to be culturally insensitive).

I am sure they mean well, but these teachers are idiots. Especially the science teachers who should know better. Absolute idiots.



  1. There’s a big difference between creationism and intelligent design. The latter has some sort of philosophical, if not scientific, credibility; the former has neither. Besides, the point isn’t to teach either creationism or intelligent design as ‘the truth’; and intelligent teaching on these matters should also make children aware that the tenets of science are also not the same as ‘the truth’ in any absolute sense. The point is to teach them as belief systems or theories that some people believe in, just as RE these days involves teaching about every religion AND about atheism and humanism, without seeking to impose any of them as the truth – other than perhaps in faith schools, where there might be greater emphasis on the predominant faith having greater claims to pupils’ acceptance.

    And one of the things they could bring out in such teaching is that most Christians in the West don’t believe in creationism – which might help dispel some prejudices. And that can only be a good thing.

  2. David wrote: “There’s a big difference between creationism and intelligent design”

    Bullshit. Intelligent design creationism is the same as all other creation myths. It’s nothing more than god-did-it stupidity.

  3. I’ve been reading my kids’ and grandkids’ bioilogy books and science books which all teach evolution as a fact. The problem is that the ‘evidence’ given for this ‘fact’ is all faulty. For instance real science is reproducible in a laboratory; it is stated that life came from lifeless chemicals. This has never been produced, seen in nature; in fact it is impossible. I have been looking on the internet and all I can find are sights such as yours that call names and ‘blow’ on and on about the idiots; but produce no evidence. The so called evidence I did find was changes in a finch’s beak that resulted in a finch. I found changes in a fruit fly that resulted in a fruit fly. There were changes in a frog that resulted in a frog. I’m just trying to figure out what all the to-do is about. Why is there so much animosity about the teaching of science?? I frankly can’t see that evolution is at all scientific. It, in fact, contradicts the laws of science. Why not just leave out everyone’s theorys and teach science.

  4. David – I am with bobxxxx on this. Intelligent design is worse than creationism. Creationism can, at a minimum, at least find some area not covered by science and shove god in there. Literal biblical interpretations obviously contradict the facts, but I suppose you could say God made the big bang, which would be creationist and while stretching a point, at least not contradicting any facts.

    ID is deliberately falsifying evidence in order to give it a veneer of scientific respectability. The idea is to sneek religion into American classrooms by calling it science. It seems to me clearly dishonest.

  5. Debbie – I think you are wrong.

    “real science is reproducible in a laboratory” – not everything can be reproduced. Astronomy and cosmology are based on observation, you can’t reproduce a star in a lab. But it is still science.

    Abiogenesis (life appearing from non-life) doesn’t really fall under the scope of evolution, but anyway, it is the best explanation we have given the facts available. We admit we don’t know exactly how it happened, but renaming that ignorance God doesn’t help anything. And if you want ‘facts’ and ‘evidence’ I am not sure you simply stating it is impossible counts.

    I didn’t produce evidence because this is not a scientific blog, the post was about teaching creationism vs evolution, not which one is true. Talk Origins is the most famous discussion site on the web. You should find plenty of evidence there.

    “Why is there so much animosity about the teaching of science?? I frankly can’t see that evolution is at all scientific. It, in fact, contradicts the laws of science. Why not just leave out everyone’s theorys and teach science.”

    There is no animosity about teaching science, there is animosity about teaching religion disguised as science, or, as you are trying to do, reclassifying parts of science you don’t like as “just a theory”.

    What scientific laws does evolution contradict? None I know of.

    Evolution is the best explanation we have of the observed facts. I can’t believe everyone has such a problem with it, it seems so simple to me. We know characteristics are inherited and that there is variation, and that those best equipped to survive pass on those characteristics. Surely no-one can argue with that. Then all you need is a long time scale. Easy.

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