Posted by: secretperson | November 7, 2008

I Don’t Believe You, Jacqui

Jacqui Smith claims people really want those ID cards and are asking her for one everywhere she goes. I don’t believe it. I wonder how many people have said they can’t wait for ID cards to come in and how many have said she should scrap this ridiculous, dangerous and illiberal waste of money.

Despite support four years ago, polls this year have shown a small majority against compulsory ID cards. I imagine, given more publicity to the massive database and how ineffectual they would be in their stated aim of fighting terror, this could grow. The more people find out about the plan, the more they seem to oppose it.

I am certain there will be enough of us feeling strongly to protest in the loudest terms. Of course, the Tories have promised to scrap ID cards, so if they get in, we probably need not worry. But I am even considering doing all my world travelling now, then refusing to renew my passport when it becomes biometric, if it is to be linked into the ID card plan.

Sorry Jacqui, but trying to convince by telling us everyone else wants one won’t work. ID cards will not be this years Must-Have-Christmas-Toy.



  1. Just who on earth is Jacqui Smith meeting? We already know that our politicians live in a bubble, I just don’t know who she is trying to kid. I have not met one person that wants ID cards.

  2. It wouldn’t be the first lie to come from this sickeningly illiberal government. I dare her to name a single person who’s actually come to her asking for an ID card because they can’t live without one.

    But maybe it’s just me, according to Hazel Blears. Maybe I’m just spreading ‘corrosive cynicism’. Sigh.

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