Posted by: secretperson | November 7, 2008

Damn You Glenrothes

For one, your doing a terrible job managing Norwich City, and secondly, you’ve just voted in Rob Roy and given Gay Gordon a boost.

Sorry to be vicious and nihilistic about this, I am not sure this is the time for a detailed analysis. Fair enough, the financial crisis has hit the SNP, but the polls kept giving me hope (“If there is hope, it lies in the polls”?) suggesting the SNP might just grab it. A by-election defeat might have started the Labour back benches worrying about Brown again, and stopped this ridiculous swing towards him in (some other) polls.

This man ran the countries finances for ten years and the country for more than one? Why do you turn to him when those finances go wrong? I despair.



  1. […] had been Gordon Brown’s tombstone, but unlike some English nationalist bloggers (see here and here) I don’t despair too much at Labour’s unlikely and incredible victory in […]

  2. Perhaps it demonstrates – controversially – that the Scots aren’t yet politically and emotionally mature enough for independence. Brown has sold them the story that only the resources of the UK government were sufficient to dig Scotland’s finances out of the mess; but, as you say, it was the fact that Scotland’s banks were plugged into the UK system for which Brown was politically responsible that they’d got into the mess in the first place. So you could just as easily draw the other conclusion from that adopted by the voters of Glenrothes. The fact that those voters didn’t come to that conclusion shows they’re not independence-minded enough.

    Yet. Things change fast in politics – it’s only a blip.

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