Posted by: secretperson | November 5, 2008

Top-Up Treatments Allowed

Good news in the NHS, where patients will be allowed to top-up their free treatment by paying for drugs the NHS won’t fund. Previously patients who chose to go private would be denied any NHS treatment. If the extra they found for treatments the NHS couldn’t afford wasn’t enough to cover the whole cost of care, they would simply have to die.

Opponents (including Tory spokesman Andrew Lansley) said this was introducing a two-tier NHS, and was therefore wrong. Idiots. If there is a choice between two people dying at the same time, and prolonging just one of those lives, then you prolong one life! You don’t let someone die to prove some stupid principle of equality.

Yes, in an ideal world we could afford all the drugs that everybody needs and we’d all be happy. But we can’t. Drugs are expensive, there is a set amount of money to go round for all the care the NHS provides. And, under this new system, everyone recieves at least the same treatment they would have done under the old system, as far as I can see. Of course, NICE and related bodies must not be allowed to use this as an excuse to stop funding drugs.

Well done Alan Johnson for listening in to public concern, and shame on Andrew Lansley. The Tories should be in the position now of accusing Labour of stealing a policy, not condemning people to an early grave in the name of socialist equality.


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