Posted by: secretperson | November 3, 2008

Big Sister is Watching You

Telecoms companies record details of every website you visit, every e-mail you send and every telephone call you make, on behalf of the government. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wants to extend these recordings to three years and store them on a central government database. Every extra power introduced by this government in the name of ‘fighting terror’ has spread and been abused for trivial matters. Do you want Jacqui Smith looking over your shoulder every time you use your computer?

Wake up, Big Sister IS Watching You.



  1. This whole thing is a nighmare scenario and I wish people would wake up and smell the roses. It is not simply because people necessarily have something to hide, it is about our entrenched rights to privacy. This legislation would ride and coach and horses through our civil liberties.

  2. Is this thing for real, or not? I wonder…..

    • Yes all the text is true. The image I made myself…

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