Posted by: secretperson | November 2, 2008

Web Censorship – Do You Trust the Government?

There is a good comment piece in the Guardian’s CIF site criticising government plans to censor the internet.

First they wantred to record everything we do, emails sent and sites visited, so every time we are on the internet we must imagine Jacqui Smith looking over our shoulders, worried to click a link in case we get flagged up as a terrorist. But don’t worry, either arbitrary decisions will be made on what constitutes “directly or indirectly” encouraging terrorism, or some clever computer program will censor it all automatically. Obviously child porn is out. And terror, who could object to that. How long before they extend the laws though? S&M for encouraging violence. Half the libertarian blogosphere for throw away remarks about lamp-posts and nooses. Dangerous legislation to be left in the hands of mere politicians…

Still wish we (on the side of freedom) would stop using the argument that if we do this the terrorists have won. No terrorists are bombing in support of internet censorship. They will not win from this legislation, but we will all lose.



  1. It looks as if this is a cynical attempt to replicate the proposals being looked at in Australia. It is pathetic, given 1., it is impossible to filter completely and professionals would no doubt be able to circumvent it and 2., it would have to be subjective. But most of all, as you say, they cannot argue that this is to defeat terrorism, it is just another ‘power play’ stab at our freedoms and civil liberties. Big Brother Britain!

    There is a reference to the Australian example I cite here:

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