Posted by: secretperson | October 31, 2008

Nanny State in France Bans Wine Tasting?

Now it sounds like an accident, but a law aimed at cutting binge drinking by banning free promotional drinks may make wine tasting illegal.

Now I am sure the French government will quickly rectify the situation, or face riots the like of which haven’t been seen since 1789. But it is interesting to note that the UK is not the only state where well meaning interfering government legislation can lead to unforeseen outcomes. The difference is that wine, being central to French identity in many ways, will no doubt be excepted from the rules. A British bureaucrat may see a British tradition being affected as a bonus.

Only last year, health and safety concerns stopped a Guy Fawkes night celebration in his home town. But you can guarantee, if wine tasting really has been banned in France, it’ll be the French wine growers setting all the fires!


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