Posted by: secretperson | October 30, 2008

England as Inclusive as Britain

Toque has some interesting statistics showing Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) respondents to a survey identify as much with England as they do with Britain.

Perhaps now we can put to bed the myth that English is, and could only ever be, one of many ethnic identities within an inclusive British whole. While it is still seen in that way by many, I think this survey shows there is no reason ethnic minorities cannot consider themselves English. And what better, and more inclusive, way to do this than a recognition of a civic English identity through an English parliament.



  1. I am a Catholic of Irish descent and I consider myself English. Englishness is about place, not race.

    “what better, and more inclusive, way to do this than a recognition of a civic English identity through an English parliament.”

    Hear, hear!

  2. as Vernon Coleman tells us, according to the Encyclopedia (Europa) Britannica,

    ‘ Despite the political, economic, and cultural legacy that has secured the perpetuation of its name, England no longer officially exists as a governmental or political unit’.

    Well, England still exists as a country, full of good English folk.
    They cannot take away God’s good earth beneath our feet……….

  3. Well we exist as a default, as the UK but not Scotland, Wales or NI.

    However there remains an England football team, two England rugby teams, an England and Wales cricket team and a Commonwealth Games athletics team. Natural England, English Heritage, Enjoy England and many more organisations. The English language rules the world.

    And more importantly there exists an English land and an English nation.

    The only place where England isn’t recognised is in the UK government, where not only do we lack a parliament, but the English NHS, English education department and the like are incorrectly labelled as UK bodies.

    But I think that will change in the future.

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