Posted by: secretperson | October 25, 2008

No Borders – We Won’t Debate Immigration

Despite Phil Woolas backtracking on earlier comments recognising the need for a cap on immigration, he is not very popular with some people.

During a debate at Manchester University Woolas was hit by a pie, made with vegan cream (you couldn’t make it up!) thrown by a member of the No Borders, anti-immigration controls protest group.

It has often been said that people cried racism (like the boy cried wolf) to shut down any debate on immigration, but it seems No Borders are even honest about this. A spokeswoman said:

We threw the pie because we didn’t want to engage in debate and legitimise what he was saying.

What he was spouting were right wing anti-immigration policies. The danger is that people like him are making such views mainstream.

“We didn’t want to engage in debate”. Pretty much sums up the far left position, and only leads me to conclude that they have nothing of interest to bring to any debate and their position is probably wrong.

Although I may of course follow the logic of their argument and move into one of their front rooms. With ten of my friends. And demand to be fed. I wonder if they’d be more tempted to remove my “right” to free movement then, idealistic hippy types!

Vegan cream, he he!



  1. Not only did these guys not want to debate – they weren’t listening, or rather, paying attention. Woolas isn’t about to limit immigration which is from the EU – it’s in the interests of the super-rich bankers and businessmen at who’s feet New Labour grovells. It’s they who want a single european labour market, the better to hold down wages and thus boost profits.

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