Posted by: secretperson | October 23, 2008

Britain’s Evil Empire – Spoof or Nutcase?

The excellent Englishman’s castle has a press release blaming Britain for the Credit Crunch, because Adam Smith was British. I thought it must be a spoof, but then found that the International Coalition for British Reparations has a website and a full campaign.

Try this paragraph for a taste:

The old Soviet Union, for example, is estimated to be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of its own citizens, to say nothing of the havoc its aggressive foreign policy wreaked abroad. But most of these deaths happened by way of prison camps (a British invention) or machine guns (another British invention). All roads of human suffering, particularly in the 20th century, lead back to Britain.

I mean, if only a Brit hadn’t invented the machine gun, or the prison camps those pesky commies wouldn’t have known what to do with all their prisoners. Ok I’ll give them the empire (though you could argue of all the colonialist countries, we were one of the better). We’re all agreed now that imperialism isn’t really on. The industrial revolution is blamed for global warming and poor public health. But can we really be blamed for inventing:

slums, prisons, child labor, bad hygiene, the Black Plague

The Black Plague? Prisons? I’m leaning back towards spoof. But maybe I have been brainwashed:

Britain has long controlled our patterns of thought through the modern university, an English invention. They control what we say through their hold over English, the global master language. More recently, they’ve bought the minds of some of our best and brightest—including numerous top U.S. politicians and public thinkers—through the Rhodes Scholarship, thus insuring that the false innocents of Britain’s public image never has to face scrutiny.

Ahh the evil English language! The guy behind it has even written a book. Ok a spoof website maybe, but to go as far as publishing a book, I’m leaning back towards nutty conspiracy theorist.



  1. According to the website it’s not even Britain’s fault it’s jolly old England responsible for everything wrong with the world.

  2. I find it rich that the descendant of European colonists should be reading us moral lectures – we should support the Mexica Movement, which seeks to repatriate all non-indigenous people in North America, including Steven Grasse.

  3. I think it is just a spoof, looking further.

    You could be on to something Ken, I wouldn’t all those bloody Yanks coming here, but they all think they’re Irish so we’d probably be safe.

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