Posted by: secretperson | October 21, 2008

Takeaways under Attack

First they came for the druggies,
then they came for the smokers,
then they came for the drinkers,
and now it’s the fat kids!

Two local councils want to reduce the number of takeaways in order to make sure we all eat healthily.

Waltham Forest council proposes a ban on fast food outlets within 400 metres (437 yards) of schools, presumably 400m being the maximum distance a fat child will waddle for food? I think the parents or in loco parentis teachers should take responsibility here.

Council leader Clyde Loakes lied

We don’t want to tell people how to live their lives

and continued

at the moment residents simply don’t have enough choice because of the amount of fast food takeaways

Ah I see. The large number of takeaways are not there because people chose to eat in them and they can make money? This is not about providing residents with choice but about making them make the right choice. I can understand that kebab shops attract late night drinkers and trouble and for that reason a local community might object to their presence, but honestly…

The mention of schools, the idea coming from the government Obesity Strategy, and the support of the UK Public Health Association all give away the game. At least be honest about it, just say “fat people are stupid so for their own good we are restricting their food choices”.

Who knows, they might prove the interferers wrong? Or they might take responsibility for their own health of they weren’t constantly told their third burger for breakfast was the fault of council officials for not banning McDonalds?

All I know is this “for your own good” nanny-state rubbish is only picking up speed. Who knows, your guilty pleasure could be next…


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