Posted by: secretperson | October 20, 2008

Do Your Bit for Civil Liberties

Despite Jacqui Smith saying

“The consultation will begin in the New Year and I want this to be combined with a well-informed debate characterised by openness, rather than mere opinion, by reason and reasonableness.

“In this, as in the other work we do, my aim is to achieve a consensus and I hope that others will approach the serious issues posed for our national security capabilities in the same spirit.”

No doubt anyone who does ‘approach the issues in the wrong spirit’ will be ignored. And the correct conclusions will be announced with public support.

So maybe you’d like to do your bit another way?

The Libertarian Party suggests you send a copy of 1984 to your MP. It costs less than a fiver, email and pledge your support.\

Alternatively, and entirely unrelatedly, you could exercise your health by joining Old Holborn for a little stroll on November 5th Midday at Trafalgar square. For the interests of amusement, a little fancy dress is encouraged. Alas I shall only be there in spirit. Visit the link to find out more!



  1. Many thanks

  2. Always willing to do my bit for public health, I hope you enjoy your perambulation without any problems.

  3. My copy of 1984 has gone to Jacqui Smith personally.

  4. Lets hope she understands it, and doesn’t just get a little way in before picking up the phone to enquire about Telescreens….

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