Posted by: secretperson | October 19, 2008

Well said Woolas

It’s not often I get the chance to praise a Labour minister, but Phil Woolas has come out and said that there should be limits on immigration. He is understandably under attack from the “you can’t say that it’s racist” brigade, but this is a welcome move.

He suggests 70 million as an appropriate number, I would say we should be aiming for zero net migration straight away, as suggested by the only consistently good Labour MP, Frank Field, in a recent cross party report.

Of course, Mr Woolas, despite at least recognising the problem of mass immigration, fails to recognise one big block to any solution. While we are in the EU, any restrictions can only apply to those outside. This restricts our ability to pick the best suited people to allow in, introducing a national bias. And it obviously restricts our ability to limit total numbers. The entire population of France could move tomorrow and the government could do nothing about it.

While I welcome this as a step in the right direction, I would hope that a few more necessary steps are taken soon.


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