Posted by: secretperson | October 10, 2008

BBC: England is NOT Britain!

Noticed this piece on the CEP blog a while ago, detailing how the BBC’s one show has been revising history, claiming 1600 was a good time to be British, more than a century before Britain was a state. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they meant English, Welsh (who were ruled by England) and Scottish.

However they are at it again! Read this BBC article, see if you notice anything…

English Heritage says that Britain has the world’s best graveyard heritage

Now straight away, with English Heritage, making a statement about Britain I’d be suspicious. But obviously to the journalist who wrote this, the two are identical. But there are some cases (the Bank of England for one) where institutional names are misleading.

However the Telegraph article didn’t mention Britain once. And yet the Independent uses it all the way through.

I suppose the way to settle this is to look at English Heritage. Their remit, as the name suggests, only runs over England. Their website only mentions England (cemetery section inclusing ‘history of the English cemetery). And the English Heritage man, quoted in the Telegraph piece said

The English have always been celebrated across the world for their melancholy and gloom: it gets no more English than a really good churchyard.

I would have to suggest that the Beeb and the Indy have got it wrong.



  1. I went to look round a secondary school with my eldest last night. We had a look at the history room which had some reference materials out. I called over the history teacher, pointed to a poster and said “that poster is wrong”. He asked why and I said “Well, it says Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector of Britain 72 years before Britain existed”. “Oh yes,” he said, “you’re quite right. Where did you study?” He was most surprised when I told him that I hadn’t “studied”, I just knew my facts. We looked to see who produced the poster … “the BBC, say no more”. I told him I was responsible for the BBC correcting their inaccurate country profiles so that they correctly identified which ones had been colonised by the English, rather than the Britished. He seemed quite amazed that someone who hadn’t “studied” would do such a thing!

  2. The British establishment is eradicating English past and English future.

    Wonko – what’s truly amazing is that people who have “studied” are the ones producing deliberately dishonest educational material and the ones who see the lies and do nothing.

  3. unfortunately teachers are employees of the state so they are duty bound to follow the dictat of their employers.The teacher in question was probably aware of the wording but valued his pay packet more than the accuracy of his teaching, “jobs worth” comes to mind, what would we do in similar circumstances.
    Old Chinese proveb, “get the child and you’ve got the man”, It just shows what a facist state we now live in, accuracy and truth are out of sight.

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  5. Today we appear to be at the mercy of the pig ignorant fascist propaganda generators-The Establishment and those who follow their lead. England is NOT Britain (Britain was a recent amalgamation of countries well AFTER the Maga Carta), and MOST CERTAINLY NOT EUROPEAN. Those who would have us British and under the tyrranical heel of The European Union wish to succeed where Adolf Hitler failed! Come to think of it; Blair and Brown have done just that!

  6. england suck!

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