Posted by: secretperson | October 9, 2008

Radio 4: Made in England or Britain

Both Why England Needs a Parliament and my fellow Fair Flags man Wyrdtimes at the For England blog have picked up on a BBC Radio 4 show entitled Made in England, a series of essays, kicked off by Scotsman Andrew O’Hagan.

Mr O’Hagan was very scathing about England, and I can only hope that he followed the lead of George Orwell in the essay he takes as his starting point and confuses England with Britain. After all these Scottish soldiers may be surprised to learn that the Falklands War was an English one!

Some might say that as a Scot, and therefore also British, he had every right to criticise Britain, but not to criticise England in quite the same way. For the sake of the insult I might feel to my country I am pretending the best, but WENAP’s Chris and Maria have met Mr O’Hagan and seem very convinced he is an anti-English racist.

It is worth reading them in full righteous anger, and For England allows you to listen to the full show.



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