Posted by: secretperson | October 4, 2008

Quick Review of Stories I have Missed

Haven’t had time to go into depth on a few stories, so here’s a quick review.

David Cameron’s conference speech was good. Small boost, but the important thing is which direction the polls keep travelling in. Lots of personal stories in there, people he’s met, people who have written. Definitley playing up the more personable side of his character, compared to Gordon Brown. Far too much use of the word ‘change’, without saying what change. Brown used it too. I blame Barack Obama for starting it. It’s in danger of becoming as annoying as ‘progressive’ if they keep this up. Can’t be bothered deconstructing like I did Brown’s, as I find much less to take issue with.

Fair to say I was pretty convinced that he’d do a much better job than Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, and the Tories would be better as a government. Unless there is electoral reform away from our two-and-a-half party system, the Conservatives have my vote come next general election.

Sir Ian Blair is gone, and good riddance. Labour are trying to attack Boris Johnson for politicising policing, but most people seem to see Blair as a political appointment in the first place.

The Jean Charles de Menezes killing was obviously a big point against him, though more for the way it was handled after. There are allegations of corruption. And despite being known as the PC PC, Blair know has his high ranking Asian officers taking him to court for racial discrimination. Now these allegations haven’t been proven, but the organisation at the Met was clearly in some disarray and needed a change.

There had already been a vote of no confidence by the Metropolitan Police Authority, but with Ken Livingstone’s support as Mayor, Blair stuck it out. With Johnson’s arrival, and his taking over as head of the MPA, it was time for Iain Blair to go. Hopefully the new boss can get back to policing.

And Mandelson is back! Peter Mandelson, twice discredited and forced to resign from the Cabinet, will return from his fancy Euro-commissioner role (where he’s actually done well defending free trade) to become a Lord and Business Secretary. Brown has brought back Alistair Campbell and now Mandelson. Surely an attempt to silence the Blairite wing of the party and promote unity, it could just come across as trying to recreate the past. So much for an end to the era of spin with two of the masters of spin back to fight again. I don’t think it can save Brown, I don’t think anything can.


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