Posted by: secretperson | October 4, 2008

English FA are Out of Touch

Why are the FA so out of touch with the fans?

They are the only FA in the British Isles to not take part in a revived Home Nations (plus Ireland) tournament. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will descend on Dublin to take part in a four team tournament with the Republic of Ireland. Bobby Charlton has come out in support pointing particularly to the long history of England-Scotland games and to how much the fans enjoy them.

And the English FA are the only ones to support a Team GB football team for 2012, which most of the fans are against. They even go so far, I believe, as to say they will play as Great Britain even if the other associations reject it, which will not only annoy the fans of England but come across as seriously arrogant to the rest of the UK. And Seb Coe’s alledged outburst will just add to that impression.

The other British FAs seem to take the decisions the fans would want, why is the arrogant English FA so different?


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