Posted by: secretperson | October 1, 2008

Good for the Gurkhas

Gurkha soldiers have won the right to remain in the UK. The government will have to review all the cases of Gurkhas who retired before 1997, those who retires later have already been granted the right to remain.

It seems strange in an era where Islamist preachers call for attacks on Britain and can remain, but people who have fought and risked their lives in our armed forces are thrown out. The government likes to talk about earning citizenship, including ideas like new citizens undertaking voluntary work, but surely no-one has earned their citizenship more than these brave soldiers.

This decision comes not a moment too soon, let us hope the government applies some common sense now to the issue of immigration, and stops picking on easy targets to look tough while ignoring the real issue which is total numbers.

The Gurkhas have earned this right, it is the least we can do for them.


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