Posted by: secretperson | September 29, 2008

Sources of English Constitutional History

Sources of English Constitutional History is an interesting site I came across containing original documents (translated where necessary) from the Dooms (laws) of Aethelberht of Kent from the turn of the seventh century to the Coronation oath of George VI in 1937.

Though it only contains a selection of the many documents out there, it might make interesting reading if you are interested in English constitutional history. It covers all the periods, from the earliest Anglo-Saxon times, the very origin of England, through the Norman conquest, the Domesday book and Magna Carta, the development of parliament under Edward I, the Wars of the Roses, the break with Rome (Supremacy Act, 1534), the Union of the Crowns, Civil War and Interregnum, the 1689 Bill of Rights to the Act of Union with Scotland and beyond.

Though it is only source material, you might be interested in flicking through, and seeing a snap shot of the development of democracy in our nation.

One that subject, does anyone know of any good history books that cover the development of the English parliament? It’d be interesting to read of its history while campaigning for its future!


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