Posted by: secretperson | September 25, 2008

EU Conspiracy Theory about CIA

Normally the centre of New World Order type conspiracy theories, the EU has now branched out to become the conspiracy theorists.

There have been suggestions in the press, raised in the EU, that the Irish No campaign in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum recieved funding from the CIA! This is probably based on millionairre campaign backer Declan Ganley having dealings in his business with the US military.

I thought the reason there were no referenda in other EU countries was because politicians knew they would lose. Was that just national politicians, and those within the EU can’t believe the public would reject there utopian vision unless influenced by evil Americans? Maybe the EU and the Lisbon treaty are just not that popular. And to think the EU, every political party except Sinn Fein and the Catholic Church all backed a yes vote with time and money. No match for the cunning CIA obviously.

As a commentator on the blog correctly points out, ratification of Lisbon is a national matter, that is one for the Irish government and none of the EU’s business anyway.

This desperate search for someone to blame only wastes time they could be spending trying to work out why they are unpopular. Maybe they would realise that the publics of many countries don’t want “ever closer union”. Maybe not. But this is surely a sign of desperation.



  1. […] Bruno Waterfield certainly thinks there is a link. The argument advanced, as ridiculous as the CIA conspiracy theory, is that the current law enables paedophiles to be given equal time in a child safety […]

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