Posted by: secretperson | September 23, 2008

Labour – Borrowing, Taxing and Gimmicks

So Alistair Darling thinks the answer to the financial problems is higher borrowing and higher taxes. So no change in Labour policy there. Luckily he will keep within borrowing rules, umm, by changing the borrowing rules.

And although we wait till tonight for Gordon Brown’s big speech, the Telegraph reckons he will announce home internet access for all children. Paedophiles everwhere will be voting for that! (Tasteless? I think I have been watching too much Frankie Boyle on Mock the Week). It sounds like a gimmick to me. If you are a family I’d let the internet connection lapse, Gordon has £700 for you. I remember the days when I had to go to the local library to do research for school. If children aren’t learning in school, what makes you think they will learn with the net at home. Will they be reading Wikipedia or gambling and looking at porn?

So tax rises, high borrowing, gimmicks aimed at doing something for the children. Sounds like the last eleven years to me.



  1. The Labour Party is bereft of new ideas, they simply re-packaged another giveaway at a time when they consider the British public need some comfort. Much the same as you would provide a noisy child with a dummy!

    But, I suspect, Gordon Brown will be reaching out to his ‘core’ voters in his speech today, rather that those that were gained as a consequence of the promise offered by New Labour. Watch out for a significant move to the left.

  2. […] are repeated endlessly to illustrate ‘obvious’ conclusions: too much spending, too much borrowing, services must be slashed, taxes are too high, especially for ‘normal […]

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