Posted by: secretperson | September 18, 2008

Can Our Politicians do Maths?

Think tank Reform is setting politicians a maths challenge at the party conferences. A series of questions and problems to solve will be presented, and then top politico mathematicians revealed along with party averages.

You can see the questions here at the Spectator. I reckon given ten minutes and a piece of paper I could rattle them off without too many problems, but what about our glorious leaders? How well prepared are you by an Oxford degree in politics, philosophy and economics, followed by a career in wonkery? Will the ‘economics experts’ outdo the other policy areas? Will Gordon Brown’s famous intellect make a show of itself? Or will their be teams of civil servants working to make their masters look good with fiddled figures?

I reckon us bloggers might out perform them all, but they only seem to be targetting party conferences, so I doubt sending in our answers would do any good?

Any one else had a go? How did you find it?

Update Actually it took me more like 25 minutes.


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