Posted by: secretperson | September 16, 2008

Overcrowded England – Old News?

The Telegraph has a story today (16th of September) saying England is the most overcrowded country in Europe, overtaking Holland, and ignoring tiny Malta. I wrote a piece back on the 2nd of January quoting the Telegraph on this same fact. Unfortunately I foolishly accidentally linked to a different news story rather than the original Telegraph one I wanted. So is this just a repeat of old news? Or is this actually new.

Well in May they reckoned we would only become most crowded in two years time. Between stories the density has gone from 1010 to 1023 people per square mile. I assume my 2nd January story was based on this piece dated 4th Jan, but as ‘last updated’.

And this old piece gives away the statistics. 1010 people per square mile is a 2006 statistic. So 1023 is presumably the updated value. So were predictions for ‘two years time’ in January 2008 being made on the basis of 2006 figures? And should we really be surprised that they come true in 2008?

And when will the strange blend of lefties who don’t want to be called racists and capitalists who want to keep labour costs down get the message that enough is enough. We are all full up. No-one wants to live in Battery Farm Britain.


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