Posted by: secretperson | September 15, 2008

TPA Barnett Report Answers Critics

After the Taxpayer’s Alliance report showing that Scotland recieved more money under the Barnett formula than either need or tax paid could justify, it was roundly criticised. I didn’t comment at the time as there have been so many contradictory reports about who subsidises who, and I don’t think it matters. The Barnett formula is unfair whoever bares the brunt of payments, because of the way it is decided. A case can be made for needs based allocation or fiscal independence, but not for arbitrary national block grants.

Anyway there was anger from some of the Scots who know well they are the victims of the Union. The first comment on this Scotsman piece on the report even calls for the TPA to be done for inciting racial hatred!

But the TPA has responded with answers to a series of the criticisms. Fiscal independence is their recommendation and my preferred solution. But that of course would remove all justification for Scottish MPs voting on English legislation, and that problem too would need addressing.


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