Posted by: secretperson | September 4, 2008

Trial in Absentia – Brussels as well as Brown are a Threat to Justice

The issue of 42 days detention got plenty of press attention. Now we have the prospect of European wide arrest warrants (i.e. an unquestioning automatic requisition treaty) and even worse trials in absentia. So now you can be found guilty, in your absence in any EU country. These trials are now permitted in UK law in rare circumstances and have only been since 2001. Yet our government is supporting this EU initiative. Dan Hannan has an EUsceptic Brussels insider’s view.

Surely being tried in your absence goes against all the principles of a fair trial. As no action can be taken against this person till they are reprimanded, why can the trial also not wait? This seems not only unjust but unnecessary.

One of the dangers of the EU is that it, where national governments (executives) have the say, it still removes the powers of national parliaments (legislatures). Will this be subject to the same scrutiny as if Brown had introduced it directly? It will almost certainly not in the press, where EU matters are not reported in relation to their importance. EUphiles often bemoan this, but I believe more information would hurt the EU, as we realised what a massive influence it had.

So we must oppose this new law, and that in our own country in 2001 equally, as we should continue to oppose 42 days and other unjust measures. Where is David Davis now? What happened to his long running campaign, following the bye-election, on civil liberties? The fight goes on.


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