Posted by: secretperson | August 26, 2008

Disunited Kingdoms – Revised Olympic Medal Table

There have been revised medal tables shown first for the EU, to show how many medals we’d win if we all joined together. Then for the British Empire in response. Tommy English has broken down the nationalities of the Team GB gold medal winners by birth place, so now I combine both approaches by breaking the Team GB medals down and making a revised medal table.

I think the important point here is that we still beat Australia.

* Most data has been taken from the Team GB profiles, but where there is confusion I have used Wikipedia to guess which country the athletes would represent if Great Britain entered separate teams, so there is room for some error. Team medals have been shared depending on how many team mates were from each nation.

Of the controversial selections –
I have assigned to England: Bradley Wiggins (born Belgium to Australian father, grew up London), Peter Reed (born USA, grew up Gloucestershire), Germaine Mason (has represented Jamaica but qualifies through London born father), Wendy Houvenaghel (Northern Irish but represents England in Commonwealth Games), Keri-Anne Paine (born South Africa, now lives Manchester) and the entire rowing eight (four born abroad, but only links seem to be to English schools or Universities, and small individual part of medal anyway).
And to Scotland I have assigned Ross Edgar (born Suffolk, represents Scotland in Commonwealth games.)



  1. Gosh! most of “your” medals have been won by foreigners ! Thanx 4 the esplanation mate 😉

  2. Even if you count English people who have been born abroad to English parents as foreign, most of “our” medals haven’t been won by foreigners.

    At absolute worst, setting rules that people must have lived their entire lives, birth and education in the same place (how many athletes from all countries would that rule out!), we’d lose 9 of the 40 medals.

    Maybe you’d like to say what country you are from and we could apply the same analysis?

  3. It looks like you are from Italy. Glad to see Josefa Idem (born in Germany) and Diego Romero (born and currently lives in Cordoba, Argentina) have won medals for you.

    And however you count it England beat you. Still you are better at football.

  4. It’s pretty silly to say people like Peter Reed aren’t British – he has lived his whole life in England and both parents are British – just happened to be abroad when born!

  5. man im from scotland and i think that sucks that scot land only got 2g 2s that sucks!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!~~!~!!!~!~!~!!~!~

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