Posted by: secretperson | August 7, 2008

Supermarket English Labels – the Fight Back begins at Fair Flags

I wrote some time ago about Sainsbury’s seemingly anti-English labelling policies, I wrote and complained and recieved a reply. A number of English bloggers have written on this subject, but now there is one site for all your complaints.

Wyrdtimes of For England contacted me and we have been working together to start the Fair Flags campaign.

Fair Flags aims to persuade the supermarkets (and other retailers) to treat all the home nations fairly and equally when labelling produce. We may be a couple of English bloggers, but we believe this is good for the whole of the UK. We want people to send in examples, so we can build a case (or recognise good behaviour!) and most of all we believe the best way to change the minds of the supermarkets is for people to write to them. Please get involved.

The Fair Flags campaign website runs a blog, so check there for regular updates, but I’ll try and keep any important announcements linked to from here. We believe this is important, please help us if you can.


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