Posted by: secretperson | August 7, 2008

Gordon Brown does Pilates

Honestly, if someone in Suffolk can find pictures of this it must be worth a bit! Can you imagine Gordon doing his stretches? I am looking forward to him returning from holiday to announce a 13% fall in back pain and year on year quarterly growth in muscular flexibility. There is an expression “healthy mind in a healthy body”, maybe the stress of his leadership under threat needed treatment. Or maybe he is getting fit to kick David Milliband’s arse when he gets back from holiday.

According to a “friend” quoted in the Telegraph his instructress looks like Sienna Miller. Luckily the Telegraph also has a picture so we know this isn’t true. She is blonde, but also apparently she played Divine Brown, the prostitute of Hugh Grant fame in a TV movie. I didn’t think they allowed blacking up anymore?

Anyway the only Brown to worry about is Gordon. Go on imagine him in a leotard, do you laugh or cry? Now imagine he was Prime Minister, does that make you laugh or cry?



  1. I don’t think Millie looks anything like Sienna Miller – but then again, Sienna is not that athletic looking! Wish Gordon had hired me – less chit chat!

  2. I normally block adverts as spam, but advertising while actually having read the post is the sort of shameless capitalism I don’t mind.

  3. May be she will be knighted,with the labour brainless
    everything is possible!

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