Posted by: secretperson | July 25, 2008

The EU – “Preserving Human Civilisation”

I knew EUrocrats had a high opinion of themselves, but I couldn’t believe this quote, from a Guardian Opinion piece from Labour MEP Mary Honeyball:

Such compromises are required to continue the development and expansion of the EU so that, in the words of Pope John Paul II in the last papal address to the EU in 1988, human society and civilisation can be preserved.

What greater purpose can a parliament have than this? And what other parliament is working so fast to achieve it across multinational borders?

Really, does she really believe the purpose of the European Parliament is to preserve human society and civilisation? And that to do this expansion and ‘development’ (I guess closer integration) are required. No wonder they feel such a worthy aim justifies hiding expenses abuses in case it gives them a bad name. Or ignoring referenda and deliberately writing treaties in obscure legalese to hide the contents from us.

I won’t criticise again now I know the means are just to the end of saving civilisation!

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