Posted by: secretperson | July 25, 2008

Labour By-Election Bingo

How many variants on these phrases, of the sort heard after the local elections, and the Crewe, Henley and Haltemprice by-elections, will follow the shock result in Glasgow East?

“It was a bad night for Labour, but we can recover in time for the next election”
“Difficult economic times”
“What people were saying to us is that they were concerned about rising food and fuel prices”
“We will continue to listen and learn”
“We will continue to listen and lead”
“Gordon Brown is the right man to steer the country through difficult economic times”
“Mid term by-elections are used to send a message to the government”
“We will continue to make the difficult decisions that are right for the country”
“Worldwide economic slowdown”
“Gordon Brown is Getting on with the Job”

If you keep using the same phrases, you won’t do any better, they haven’t changed your luck after the last defeats, why not try something New, New Labour? Unless of course your politicians are completelyt unable to do anything but parrot quotes and soundbites, but that makes them sound incompetent. Who’d have thought it.


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